Foot Comfort


We are all about getting people into appropriately comfortable shoes. Mobility suddenly becomes very important if walking is proving to be painful. The problem is that you can’t just stop. Life goes on.

We aim to look at your feet, discuss your requirements and to recommend some options for you to try on. If we don’t have something for you at that moment in time, we can source the suitable shoe and let you know when it comes in. Get in touch and ask us.

If you do try something on, it is important to;

Be flexible about your size.
Try both shoes on and do both of them up.
Have a long walk around.

Your final purchase should be a carefully considered choice based on what you feel inside your shoes.

"Head vs Heart"

Terry DeHavilland -UK shoe designer- is reported to have said (about stilettos), "people say they're bad for the feet but they're good for the mind. What's more important?"

Ask our thousands of customers all over the world who for over 30 years have turned, either by choice or in pain, to Comfort Footwear. Mobility is crucial. We don’t sell catwalk footwear. Our shoes are luxurious and stylish, crafted by hand from some of the worlds finest boutique shoe makers in France, Italy and Austria.

We are opposed to ill-fitting fashion shoes that are cheaply made or poorly thought out. Extensively worn, these shoes may well lead to problems later on. Our stated intention is to get people into comfortable shoes.

The best shoe is the one with comfort, quality and style that you can forget about on your feet.  Visit the shop and talk to us about your requirements.