Review 1


Dear Sanders Shoe Shop/Rufus

Finally I got round to writing a review for your shop which is on Soho local shops!

"Thanks to the patience and time given freely by the present owner of this shop I have completely changed how I look at shoes and what I do with my feet. The rewards: no twisted ankles now for months, and a vast improvement in terms of back pain and how I walk. The efforts taken by the owner and old-fashioned customer care that I received have ensured that this is where I will choose to shop for Mephisto shoes for years to come. I was encouraged to spend as much time as necessary and this is why I recommend this shop to others, as this patience and professionalism is rarely seen in shops today. "

Thank you again for all the help you gave me earlier this year - I found out later on that I was becoming at that point even more unwell with my thyroid - thankfully I'm a lot better now !

This is why I was so very slow and it made it even more difficult for me to make up my mind. You were all extremely gracious and helpful, and this is why I wanted make sure you and your colleagues know that this was really appreciated,

many thanks,

Gaenor and Joseph
both with happy feet !!!!

The shop floor