Review 7

This was a bit of a mixed experience. I find buying shoes difficult as I have flat feet (thus use ortheses). I therefore researched carefully shoe stores in London, and this one has a strong reputation based on reviews, in addition to the shoes they stock. The end result of the shoes I obtained was excellent in terms of fit, but at a fairly steep price, which slightly coloured my experience. The first time I went, I was waited on by a woman who seemed much more interested in just getting things from stock, nor did she seem to know much about shoes. She kept waiting for me to point to shoes and she would go get them. I felt a bit let down after the below reviews, as there was definitely a lack of going beyond 'shoe fetcher'. The second time I went, the person who helped me (I believe Rufus Sanders) was extremely helpful, spent 20 minutes with me, and he pointed me to a very nice pair of dress shoes which I am now wearing. What coloured my experience slightly was the fact that the shoes here are EXPENSIVE, which I do not mind, I can afford this, and expect it for the shoes itslef, but, I expect them not to be priced largely above what one might be able to get elsewhere. Yes, I'm happy to pay for the personal service, but not, as happened, £220 for shoes that I then found at another shoe store for £155. I think the moral here is if you have no worry about spending well above market price, then use the shoe store, as they know their shoes. However, if thought of paying 40% above rates elsewhere, then do double check once you've found the shoes you want or use another shoe store that might not know their shoes as well

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