Review 9

I have worn Mephisto shoes for some time, but could not find a shop near to my home in Stockport selling Mephisto shoes suitable for the orthotics (shoe inserts) that I now have to wear. I found a shop on the internet called Sanders Lifestyle Footwear in Denman Street, London that seemed to be expert in fitting Mephisto shoes suitable for orthotics, so I travelled to London by train to purchase suitable shoes at Sanders shoe shop. Rufus (the owner) spent time with me and used his expert knowledge, so that after an hour I was leaving the shop with two pairs of comfortable Mephisto shoes suitable for my orthtics. I can recommend this shop and Mephisto shoes to anyone wanting to purchase comfortable shoes, particularly if you wear orthotics. If you do not wear orthotics then the full range of Mephisto shoes is available to you.

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